About Me

This was taken this summer while we were staying in Eleuthera, Bahamas. We took a ferry boat for five dollars and spent the day at Spanish Wells.

I love love love to travel. I tend to like more secluded destinations that are not very touristy or commercialized.  I think maybe because I work with the public, I like to be away from people when I’m on vacation!

I love to tell stories about my crazy life. To know me in real life you would say I’m a crazy, goofy girl!  I love to laugh and be with the people I love. I like photography a lot.  Blogging is also a great outlet when I’m dealing with the ups and downs of bipolar illness.

I love being a hairstylist. I have owned my own salon for almost five years. But when you’re behind the chair, it’s all about the client. All about their hair, and about their life!  Which is how it should be.  But here I need to talk and maybe even be heard.

Thanks for reading all about me. Hope you enjoy my blog!



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