Hold that Door!

Every morning on my way to work, I stop at the same convenience store to get my drinks and snacks for the day. Four out of five of these days I participate in the dance of the swinging doors as I enter and exit the building. I imagine that all over the country, people hold doors for other people who are coming in or out of a building. But, us southern folks have turned it into a public display of not just manners, but character.
I don’t care how much crap you are holding in your arms, whether or not your feet hurt, or if you have a killer migraine. If you get to the door first, you had better push, or pull, and hold that door open for the person you spotted heading that way. Sometimes a door opener happens to have a lot of items in their hands, but this doesn’t excuse them from their civic and moral obligation to hold the door so that other people can go through the door in front of them. This means that sometimes they have to push and hold the door open with one arm, and they have to balance on one foot, because the exit door opens away from them! Finally, after all the people exit, this selfless individual will still attempt to one-arm hold the door for you. Unfortunately, they are now probably unintentionally blocking the doorway that you are trying to enter! It’s super awkward and everyone shuffles around and chuckles politely and apologizes. But, the most important thing is that they held the door! They are good people!!!
It should go without saying, but unfortunately it needs to be said for some people. If someone holds the door for you, you better say “Thank You” loud enough for them to hear. It is better to also look at them, make eye contact and smile! Nothing pisses me off more than when I stand somewhere holding the door for somebody when it’s 45 degrees outside because I have fucking class, for a person to just breeze right by me and not look at me or utter a word. They are just straight up trash! You want to scream at them, “You’re welcome, bitch!” Always thank the door holder!
The rules are pretty plain until you are in the situation of “Should I hold the door even though they are pretty far away or is it okay to let the door close?” I know we’ve all committed to holding that one door somewhere for someone, only to think a few seconds later, “Damn, I should’ve let the door go…they’re pretty far away and now I feel stupid standing here so long. But I can’t let go now cause then that’d be weird and rude. I’m just going to have to stand here and hold the damn door until they finally get here.” That person better really better say thank you in that circumstance! They usually do!
I think I’ve figured out a way to maneuver through this awkward open-door conundrum. When you reach the door that you are about to open and enter, and you look around and see a person coming who is a questionable distance away for door holding, follow this one simple rule: If you and the person walking towards the door make eye contact, you should hold the door. They’ve seen you. They know you could wait if you wanted to and if you do you are a really good person. However, if you look back and that person is looking down, or doesn’t make eye contact with you, you are free to enter the building and let the door gently close behind you. They were too far away! You are free of any guilt, obligation, and your integrity and good name are still in-tact.
My next post, I plan on discussing some other southern traditions/etiquette. If anyone wants to ask me anything about how we do things around here, I’d love to chat about it! I love how different parts of the country have their own unique and sometimes quirky way of doing things!


3 thoughts on “Hold that Door!

  1. I love this post!! I’m a door holder and rarely run into another. I also become so annoyed when you don’t get a thank you. I will mutter you’re welcome if I’m leaving the store! I live in the north.


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