I Can’t Believe She Just Said That To Me

My client just sat in my chair and insinuated that mental illness was the result of man’s sins over time.  We had been discussing her difficult journey and the problems that come along with having an autistic child. The stigma, the hardships he’ll face, etc. She said she wasn’t ready to announce it to the world yet bc people would look at him differently. 

So, I of course shared my secret with her and that I knew what it was like to want to keep your situation private bc I didn’t want people to talk about me or treat me or my family differently. I told her I was working on it and hoped to advocate for it someday. 

Then she says that!!! She tried to backtrack after she said it, but it was too late. My chest feels so tight and I know I shouldn’t feel hurt but I do. I’ve never heard that dumbass theory before. She started talking about the Bible then and I just tuned out the rest. 

So I reckon that my ancestors were a bunch of pieces of shit, therefore, I have been smited with bipolar disorder.   Ok?  She’s an idiot. 


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe She Just Said That To Me

      1. Sorry but people are just dicks, even if she thought that wtf would she say it to u after u confided in her like that?!?! The worst reaction I ever got from a client after I shared my secret was “people with mental health issues really scare me I wish you wouldn’t of told me that” she’s seen me every other week for 3 fucking years!!! She knows me so y the hell am I scary?!?! She never though it b4 she knew, surely she should judge on the person she knows not the diagnosis?! Xxx


      2. I cannot believe someone said that to you. You’re right…people are just dicks!!! They’re the scary ones lol
        Thanks for sharing your story. At least we’re not alone lol

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