My Blog has a Mood Disorder

I laughed out loud when I thought about my blog having to very different subject matters.  I post happy, light hearted childrens’ poems, stories, and illustrations about my dogs.

I also use this blog as an outlet to express my feelings and experiences dealing with mental illness.  I use the F-bomb a LOT.

You know, you could say that my blog has two themes that are polar opposites.  

I can’t help but laugh that my blog is literally bipolar, and I just noticed it.  Well, I guess it represents who I am, so it’s right on the money!

Maybe I should change the name…

“I’m Not Bipolar, but My Blog Is”
You just gotta laugh lol


3 thoughts on “My Blog has a Mood Disorder

    1. I removed some of the content from this blog that made this post clearer to what i was talking about. i had children’s stories and illustrations, and random funny stories. One extreme to the other! I didn’t even realize it until one day i noticed, and i just laughed! You gotta laugh lol

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