Have you ever had a person FIGHT for you? 


Someone that said, finger pointed right in their face,


No?  Me neither.

However, some way, and some how I cannot begin to wrap my head around….EMDR showed me that I could I could kinda sorta make it where that’s how it all went down.

So here’s what really happened…

Dad busts in through the window like The Incredible Hulk. He sees my grandparents killing me with their verbal fuckary, and he stops in his tracks.

“What in the HELL do you think you are doing? “he asks incredulously.

“Uh, um, um, duh…..” they say with slacked jaws and saucer-shaped eyes.

“Don’t you EVER, Do you hear me? EVER talk to my daughter that way again! How DARE YOU speak to MY CHILD that way! Who in the HELL do you think you are?????” His voice booms across the house.

“No…no, Bill….Bill! It’s not what you think, SHE – …..” They stutter in their haste to throw me under the bus. “SHE didn’t this, she did that, she’s going to this, we have to this, because of her, she this she that because of her she is killing us we are going to die because of HER”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?SHE IS A CHILD! SHE IS MY CHILD! SHE ISNT DOING ANYTHING TO YOU,YOU CRAZY MOTHER FUCKERS! If there was any way I could have known that my children were in your fucked up hands, I would have done anything in my power to keep that from happening. I wouldn’t let you keep my cat, much less my kids!  Don’t you ever speak one word to these children ever again.” My dad says with such ferocity, his face was beet red, and spit sputtered from his shaking lips as he bellowed, barely able to keep his composure.

And then he reaches out to me and l put my arms around his neck, like I’m a small child instead of a tall sixteen year old young woman. He picks me up and kisses the top of my head and holds me in his big, strong hairy daddy arms. His long legs take big strides as the six foot three man with tears in his eyes heads to the door.

He takes one final look at his parents before we leave. His face devastated and in shock at the events that have taken place at the hands of his own parents. The people who were supposed to love his children. Protect them. Support them. Be kind to them.

Bill opened the door, took his little girl, his teenager, his 20 yr old, 30, now 43 year old daughter.  They walked out and never looked back again.


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